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Digital Supply Chain Show

Injecting digital innovation and sustainability into regional supply chains:

procurement, warehousing and logistics

25 May 2022 | In-person event

An unrivalled platform to help supply chain, logistics and procurement leaders manage supply chains with more resilience, agility, efficiency and sustainability.

Digital Supply Chain Show brings together supply chain leaders to share digital use-cases that help manage end-to-end supply chains better including procurement, warehousing and logistics.

We understand that you are tired of hearing about the effects of COVID-19 and that’s why our focus is on the FUTURE. Expect to hear from top level professionals about the digital strategies they are executing, what tools they are implementing and the benefits to business.

The pandemic has accelerated many digital trends already in motion and shed light on how critical procurement and supply chain departments are to business success. Now is the time to catapult your organisation into the digital world and transform regional supply chains into global hubs.

Hear why Ventures Connect events are
unmissable for the industry


Inject digital transformation and sustainability into the region’s supply chains

By sharing successful technology use-cases in sourcing, warehousing and logistics

Manage supply chains with more resilience, agility, visibility and sustainability

And catapult the region into a global supply chain

and logistics hub

Help supply chain decision makers make the right digital investments
By understanding digital strategy and how to progress the right technologies without making
costly mistakes
Unite the region’s supply
chain leaders

Including cross-industry procurement, warehousing and logistics leads from the region’s ecommerce, retail, logistics, manufacturing, food and beverage, oil and gas, telco and aviation sectors


procurement and supply
chain leaders






department heads


digital disciplines

find out how Digital Supply Chain Show can help your business

Build your brand, network with the region’s supply chain industry and position your organisation as thought leaders in digital transformation.

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Visit an event packed with knowledge leaders sharing the latest digital use-cases and new approaches that will drive your business forward. Meet the decision makers from the region’s sourcing and supply chains in 1 day. Showcase your products and services directly to buyers and position your brand as integral to digital transformation of the industry.

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 In-person event

Ventures Connect is the partnership between Ventures Middle East and B2B Connect; two businesses committed to empowering companies across the Middle East and Africa Region while enabling critical connections with key stakeholders and decision makers across various industries.


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