Agenda | DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN SHOW | 25 May 2022


Timings in Gulf Standard Time (Dubai, UAE)

08.00 Registration and networking
08.50 Opening remarks by conference chairman
09.00 The Keynotes
10.25 Morning networking
Digital Procurement Digital Supply Chain
10.55 Success Stories in Digital Transformation Fundamentals of a digital supply chain
11.30 Success Stories in Digital Transformation
11.50 Data and Predictive Analytics in Sourcing & SRM
12.10 AI Powered Supply Chains
12.25 AI Powered Procurement IoT powered logistics
13.30 Networking lunch
14.30 Digitally Driven Supplier Risk Cross industry track and trace
14.45 Building resilient and responsible procurement
15.30 Afternoon networking break
15.50 Addressing the Skill Gaps in Procurement Warehouse automation and transformation
16.25 Building resilient and responsible supply chains
17.00 End of Digital Supply Chain Show

Registration and networking


Exclusive breakfast briefing – invite only
How intelligent and collaborative enterprises make their supply chains resilient and sustainable

Matthias Vogel, DSC Solution Principal, SAP

Matthias Vogel is responsible for growing the SAP Digital Supply Chain business in South Europe, Middle East and Africa, by enabling customers to establish Resilient Supply Chains. He focuses on the SAP Supply Chain innovations and on translating SAP's commitment of investing €2bn globally into IoT over the coming years. Matthias has been working with customers across industries on Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Procurement solutions for more than 20 years, joining SAP in 2006.


Opening remarks

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

The Keynotes

Economic overview and future outlook

A review of the events that took place over the past year and the impact these had on procurement and supply chains across the Middle East. Rising inflation, raw material and container shortages have exacerbated shipment delays and forced many industries to quite literally, think outside the box. What can we learn from these events and can we expect supply and demand dynamics to return to pre-Covid times?

Dr. Ashraf Mahate, Chief Economist, Dubai Industries and Exports


Panel: Building future supply chains

The future supply chain is one that is demand driven, automated and built on intelligent infrastructure, but how do you get to this stage? This panel discusses the steps needed to begin future proofing your supply chain and the technology required to extract real value, such as IOT and AI. Our panel of experts will also look at the wider trends shaping the need for change, including consumer needs, sustainability and how to leverage technology to future proof your supply chain.

Led by:

Ehab Abu Diab, Director, Advisory Services, Ventures Middle East

In conversation with:

Praveen Khare, Vice President Retail Logistics & Fulfillment, Noon

Piyush Chowhan, Group Chief Information Officer, Lulu Group

Dirk Karl, Group Executive & Chief Procurement Officer, MTN Group

Nouman Qaiser, Supply Chain Transformation Arabia and North Africa, Unilever


Raising the bar for digital procurement: A mega project example

Anis Tabka, Senior Vice President - Procurement & Contracts, Expo 2020


Interview: Digital supply chains in ecommerce: A $50bn market in five years

The e-commerce market in the Middle East has grown exponentially during Covid-19 and it shows no signs of stopping. Data driven tools enable ecommerce organisations to predict, manage demand and facilitate quick delivery. It has also awakened an interest in traditional organisations who are now moving online. What can traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ organisations learn from these ecommerce giants and how can supply chains support this growth?

Led by:

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

In conversation with:

Ritesh Somani, Director, Supply Chain and Transportation, MENA, Amazon


Defining digital supply chain management and how it can accelerate your business transformation today

Baljeet Nagi, Director of SCM Sales Development & Strategy, Oracle


Morning networking break

Digital Procurement

Autonomous commerce – the next level of digital transformation

We’ve been talking about Autonomous Procurement being the future for years now. That vision of automating all routine tasks, flowing all data through a digital mind and getting strategic recommendations based on millions of data point. However, with recent global changes and the increasing procurement and supply chain challenges businesses are facing, it’s time we look to the next step in the innovation journey to simplify the way we do business. This is Autonomous Commerce. In this session we’ll evaluate the different stages of the procurement digitalization journey and how organizations can move towards an intelligent ecosystem of networked buyers, suppliers and partners transforming the way buy and sell goods.

Francesco Colavita, Global Vice President PreSales Consulting, JAGGAER

Success stories in digital transformation: Procure to pay

Digital transformation is not an overnight accomplishment. The road to digital maturity is a journey, done in stages to ensure an organisation can truly benefit from the technology they are investing in. These procurement leaders share their real-life experiences in implementing end-to-end digital applications in the procure-to-pay cycle based on their organisation’s digital roadmap. They will explain exactly what they did, how they did it and the outcome so far.


Shannon Hore, Senior Vice President Procurement and Logistics, Abu Dhabi Airports


Anna Konoplianikova, Head of Procurement, Chalhoub Group


Dr. Arafat El Mourad, Former Vice President - Head of Strategic Sourcing, Emirates NBD


Saurabh Mishra, General Manager Procurement & Supply Chain, Petronash


Sulaiman Abdulla, Manager of Procurement and Contracts, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority


Audience Q&A


Effective global procurement during times of disruption

Leveraging next level analytics and strategic intelligence, critical success factors and practical lessons learnt in global procurement during times of extreme uncertainty.

Kobus van der Wath, CEO, Axis Group International DMCC

Data analytics in strategic spending and SRM

Data first applications enable procurement professionals to access real-time insights and make informed decisions on how and when to spend. It is estimated that by 2024, half of organisations will have near-real-time procurement analytics. This session provides realistic examples of how organisations, once they have collected lots of data, have leveraged data analytics to add value, including supplier negotiation, performance and relationship management.


Getting actionable insights from spend management tools

Enayet Kabir, Group Head of Procurement, Noon


Inter-departmental supplier performance analysis

Said Amara, Procurement Business Partner MN Services, Nokia


Creating digital dashboards for instant decision making

Yasmine Abu Zant, Procurement Planning Specialist, ADNOC HQ


Audience Q&A


Networking lunch


Panel: AI powered procurement and contract management

AI is one of the hottest topics in digital procurement. It has the ability to improve efficiency by transforming spend analysis, order management and contract management, but how can procurement teams truly utilise it to get the insights that matter the most? The following case studies shed light on the latest progress in AI powered procurement with examples of real business opportunities, challenges and successes.

Led by:

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

In conversation with:

Hani M. Alsaigh, Technology Procurement General Manager, stc

Nabil Chengly, Head of Supply Chain Operations, Emirates Airline

Dr. Abdalla Abdeljalil, Chief Contracts Specialist, Dubai Health Authority

Anthony Petit, Independent Procurement Expert

Mohamed Zayed, Senior Director Enterprise-Cloud Applications, Oracle


Mitigating the blind spot of third-party risk and compliance

Your firm may operate in a low-risk jurisdiction, industry or business sector, but your third-party partners may not. Whether suppliers, distributors, sub-contractors or export/imports agents, detecting and monitoring third-party risks such as money laundering, terrorism and corruption is complicated and poses serious challenges. This session will focus on the digital requirements, trends, and challenges related to the third-party risks in procurement and supply chain and the effective journey of compliance with best practices.

Mohamed Daoud, Director – Governance, Risk & Compliance, Moody's Analytics


Panel: Building resilient and responsible procurement and supply chains

Supply chain activities combined generate 60% of global emissions and with sustainability taking centre stage among investors and governments, all serious procurement operations are under pressure to go green. Resilient and responsible procurement teams that build ESG into every step of the process are the future of the value chain, creating win-win scenarios for people, society and the planet. This session outlines all there is to know about the business benefits of green procurement and gives cross-industry examples of the steps taken to date to move the needle, including ethical sourcing, sustainable fuel and investing in local supply.

Led by:

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

In conversation with:

Hani M. Alsaigh, Technology Procurement General Manager, stc

Cassie Mackie, Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain, Etihad Aviation Group

Yasman Moghaddam, Director – Global Industry Practice GroupESG & Climate Risk, Moody's Analytics

Kunal Gupta, Director of Supply Chain, Bateel



Sana Farid, Senior Product Manager, Emirates NBD


Panel: New working order: Addressing the skill gaps in procurement

Working remotely and scheduling meetings with suppliers online are now everyday occurrences that have inadvertently improved communication and productivity in the industry. However, this disruption and the push towards more digital processes has shone a light on the need to upskill the workforce for technology to truly create value. What are the necessary skills required for the future procurement professional and how can organisations maintain an integrated approach for everyone during accelerated transformation?

Led by:

Saurabh Mishra, General Manager - Supply Chain, Petronash

In conversation with:

Anthony Petit, Independent Procurement Expert

Mohamed Habib, Vice President - Supply Chain Management, National Central Cooling Company (TABREED)

Maytham Al-Khairulla, Vice President of Procurement and Business Support, OSN

Emmanuel Augustin, Vice President Supply Management, Dubai Airports


Close of Digital Supply Chain Show

Digital Supply Chain

7 steps to kick start a digital supply chain transformation and sustainability journey in any industry

Supply chain leaders or teams might feel overwhelmed when it comes to digitalising their supply chain or implementing sustainability. Many questions surface such as “what budget do I need?”, “Does my team need specialist competencies?”, “Should $1 spent equal $1 back?”, and “From where should I start?” This session explores the 7 key steps to kick-start an organisational supply chain digital transformation and sustainable journey. Today is the best day to start, let’s do it together.

Nissrine Elqobai, Founder and CEO, ENY Consulting

Jamil Shinawi, Founder and CEO, AHOY


Managing complex international supply chains during times of extreme uncertainty

Leveraging data analytics and strategic intelligence for advantage

Kobus van der Wath, CEO, Axis Group International DMCC

Success stories in digital transformation: Physical supply chain management

This session shares digital success stories that have automated aspects of the physical supply chain, improved visibility across functions and enhanced interactions between supplier, manufacturer and customer, including better demand forecasting, inventory planning, order progress and distribution/shipment optimisation and automation. Examples include applications of fully connected ERP systems, SCM systems and RPA.


Digital transformation in order processing & delivery in ecommerce

Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar, Senior Vice President - Retail Planning & Supply Chain, Landmark Group


Automated supply chain planning and forecast management

Dr. Hanaa Gomaa, Cluster Head Middle East and Pakistan Supply Chain, Mondelēz International


RPA and smart forecasting

Puneet Kumar, Head Supply Chain and Digital Transformation, Roche Pharmaceuticals


Success stories in building resilient supply chains that respond to disruption

Abdul Hakeem, Head of Digital Supply Chain and Manufacturing - Middle East & North Africa, SAP


Audience Q&A


Advanced AI use-cases in Manufacturing, Unilever’s Digital Journey

Follow the journey to become a Lighthouse of 4th Industrial Revolution as recognised by the World Economic Forum. Explore real IR4.0 use-cases that have transformed manufacturing processes to improve quality, productivity and sustainability.

Nouman Qaiser, Supply Chain Digital Transformation Manager Arabia and North Africa, Unilever

Warehouse automation and net zero transformation

With warehouses beginning to embrace technology to reduce fulfilment costs and lead-times, you need to understand the top factors to consider when moving to an automated or energy-efficient warehouse. The following warehouse experts and case studies will help you evaluate the right tools for your business, from auto-forecasting and user management software to robots and full-scale digital twins.


A net zero warehouse digital retrofit

Maji Monday, Group Director - Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality, RSA Global


Stockyards & warehouses leapfrog from excel to drones: Case study for E2E fulfilment through AI and apps

Walaa Maher, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics, RAK Ceramics


Future of warehousing at ADNOC

Shanof Mohammed, Manager of Inventory Excellence, ADNOC HQ


Audience Q&A


Networking lunch


Panel: Tech-powered value chains

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies and frameworks in the industry and it’s becoming a necessity that all players in the value chain work together to ensure minimal interruption given the recent supply shortages witnessed. This session delves into the importance of the value chain concept and the technology required to ensure that all members of the chain are working in harmony to ensure minimum shortages in the flow of goods across it. It will include real examples of systems and data integration, RPA and the deployment of AI.

Led by:

Ehab Abu Diab, Director, Advisory Services, Ventures Middle East

In conversation with:

Khalid Hasan Ali Al Marzooqi, Director of Strategic Planning Division and Projects Management Office, Abu Dhabi Customs

Ibrahim Al Najjar, Director of Information Technology, DP World UAE

Dr. Anil Chinnabhandar, Senior Vice President - Retail Planning & Supply Chain, Landmark Group

Jihad Tayara, Chief Executive Officer, EVOTEQ


Building a digital first supply chain

While the evolution of back-office and front-office technology has been prevalent, the end-to-end execution of supply chain has seen little to no innovation. But a digital-first approach to stakeholder collaboration & freight optimisation can help businesses save time & costs to serve their customers better. In this session, you'll learn how global businesses are transforming their transport network and supply chain by digitising execution.

Parvesh Ghai, CRO for Asia Pacific & Middle East, PandoCorp

Success stories using control tower


Building long-term supply chain resilience using control tower

Arun Kumar, General Manager for Planning and Fulfilment, MTN Group


Transportation control tower: A powerful tool for industrial companies

Serge Taibaly, Head of MEA Transportation and Customs Compliance, Schneider Electric


End-to-end supply chain visibility using control tower

Guillaume Akbaraly, Operations Director MedSupply Government Services, International SOS


Audience Q&A


Implementing track and trace at federal level for consumer safety, efficiency, and transparency

Anoud Abu Ghazaleh, Tax Registration Supervisor, Federal Tax Authority


Closing Keynote: Journey towards a supply chain digital twin

Prerit Mishra, Head of Applied Analytics, DHL Innovation Center


Close of Digital Supply Chain Show